Leaders Middle East delivers a unique platform for communicating with a clearly defined audience and works closely with leading corporations to ensure that their message is clearly presented in the appropriate editorial and production context.









Philippa Wilson – Advertising Director

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Full Page: 12,000 usd
Inside Back Cover: 14,000 usd
3rd page: 14,000 usd
1st page: 16,000 usd
Outside Back Cover: 18,000 usd
Inside Front Cover: 17,000 usd
1st Duoble page spread (2 pages): 22,000 usd
Inside Front Cover Spread (2pages): 27,000 usd
3 page Special: 28,000 usd
4 page Special: 32,000 usd


LEADER Middle East Sales, MKT & PR
i2i Media – Vantage Holding
Dubai Media City – Office No G02 Building 5 – Dubai – U.A.E
T +971 4 390 3954 F + 971 4 3908348 –


CEO & Publisher
Lorenzo Jooris
M: +971556129475

Advertising Director
Philippa Wilson



Leaders Middle East is printed computer-to-plate (CTP) and prefers digital ad files. Acceptable file formats are PDF/X-1a and press-ready PDF. PDFs generated from Acrobat Distiller should be made with settings based on the “PDFX1a” or “Press Quality” job options. Set up crop marks outside of bleed area. All trapping should be done by the advertiser. Native application files (QuarkXPress 3.3+, Adobe InDesign 2.0+, Adobe Illustrator 8.0+) are not encouraged, but will also be accepted. Make sure that images are CMYK and at least 300 dpi. Supply all fonts, including those in placed or embedded graphics. The density of ink coverage should be no greater than 300% for all four-color advertisements. Where a large solid or very dark neutral or black background is to be reproduced, the undercolor should be reduced so that the density does not exceed 300%. All digital files must be submitted with a CONTRACT proof of the file being sent. Advertising disks will be returned upon request. All material remaining after 12 months will be destroyed.



We accept only digital files in the PDF/X-1a format. The PDF/X-1a must be made from a PostScript file with all fonts and highresolution images embedded (but also supply all fonts with the submission).

For information on creating PDF/X files, go to Ensure that all elements are a minimum of 300 dpi and 100% in size. The color space must be CMYK or Grayscale. Do not submit files in RGB. Please include position marks including 1/4″ (6 mm) bleed and trim.