How to Encourage Motivation in Your Company

By: Editor In Chief
Tue 10 March,2015

Suhail Masri, VP of Sales, Bayt
Suhail Masri VP of Sales at

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Motivation is a fundamental human need. When employees feel motivated, their satisfaction and productivity rises. It’s important to recognize your employees’ hard work, because it confirms that their work is valued. The good news is that motivating your employees need not be an expensive affair.

Based on years of dealing with multiple companies in the Middle East with, the Middle East’s leading career site, here are tips on how to encourage motivation in your company:


  1. Recognize your employees: Showing appreciation to your employees, can go a long way in promoting loyalty and motivation. In fact, 24% of professionals would like to be recognized and praised for their hard work, according to the 'What Makes a Company an Attractive Place to Work?, February 2014. At, we have quarterly fiestas, where we celebrate star performers and give them recognition awards for superior performance. This public display of recognition motivates employees to do better for the next quarter.


  1. Provide training and development opportunities: 50% of professionals in the Middle East would prefer training and development opportunities as an incentive instead of a proportion of their salary, according to the MENA Salary Survey, May 2014.  Employees really appreciate the fact that they can learn more while on the job, and it’s a great motivational tool. The good news is that there are many affordable training courses in the market.


  1. Keep your employees engaged: Employee engagement is very important for motivation. You should always make your employees feel that their contributions are valued in the company. In fact, 95% of professionals are aware of how their work will contribute to their organization’s overall success, according to the ‘Employee Engagement in the MENA’ poll, April 2014. Be transparent with your employees, including both the good and the bad, and promote open communication channels. Focus on fostering good relationships between employees. You could even organize team workshops and retreats to build relationships.


  1. Promote good work-life balance: Having a good work-life balance is very important for employees to be productive and stress-free. Companies must promote work-life balance by offering flexible timings, organizing time management workshops and not keeping employees behind after stipulated work hours. 


  1. Offer an all-encompassing package: Apart from salary, other sorts of benefits, like health insurance, flexible working hours, and maternity/paternity leaves, have a monetary value attached to them that can increase the value of the package. Another important part of the package is highlighting the career path of the employee. Employees don’t want to be part of an organization where their career could stagnate. Additionally, certain small yet powerful rewards are great to keep your employees happy. These could be free gym and club memberships, free parking, or even free gift cards at their favorite shop! If an employee has performed exceptionally well, you could even consider giving them an extra holiday, apart from their annual leave.



Try implementing these rewards systems and see the difference. Your employees will be smiling more often, the overall energy of the office will be positive, and your turnover rate will greatly reduce.


Suhail leads the sales operation at Suhail has held varied roles in sales, marketing and business development across the Middle East over the past 20 years. Prior to, Suhail worked at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company MERK & Co., where he was responsible for the sales and marketing of leading brands in the region. In addition to his sales and business development experience, Suhail has held various roles in human resource development, where he was in charge of coordinating and leading the implementation of human resource practices, sales capacity building programs, and ongoing development of a superior workforce. Suhail is a graduate of Jordan University of Science and Technology with a BSc in Pharmacology.