INSEAD Inspires Next Generation of Emirati Business Leaders with ‘Summer @ INSEAD’

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Sun 15 March,2015

Emirati Business Leaders with ‘Summer @ INSEAD’

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Encouraging the future generation of business leaders in the UAE, INSEAD has launched the first business programme created specifically for high-achieving Emirati students in Abu Dhabi. The Summer@INSEAD programme which takes place from 2-20 August 2015, offers talented high-school students and select international pupils, the opportunity to attend an intensive course at INSEAD’s Fontainebleau campus in France.


INSEAD became a pioneer of international business education with the introduction of the ten-month MBA in 1959 and the opening of the Fontainebleau campus in Europe in 1960. In 2007, the school began an association in the Middle East, with the Abu Dhabi campus officially opening in 2010. The Summer@INSEAD programme is being run in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and has been designed to equip students with some of the necessary business skills, knowledge and culture to make a difference in their community.


Her Excellency Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi, Director General at ADEC said: “Summer@INSEAD is an outstanding opportunity for our high-achieving Emirati students since it offers them hands-on business-related solutions, while exposing them to social and cultural knowledge. This initiative will not only enrich students with new language skills, but will guide them on some of the best business management related techniques and skills.”


Her Excellency added: “This wonderful opportunity is part of ADEC’s strategy plan to expose its students to live examples on how the market functions through gaining live and innovative knowledge on how companies and top-notch industries function on day-to-day basis, which complements ADEC’s ambitious strategy plan to help graduate a competitive, innovative, highly-exposed, knowledgeable generation of youth, who will help drive the UAE’s economy forward.”


"The Middle East plays an increasingly critical role in global business strategy and INSEAD is committed to developing business education across this dynamic and fast-growing region. It is with this goal in mind that we are introducing the Summer@INSEAD programme," said Miguel Sousa Lobo, Associate Professor of Decision Sciences and Director of INSEAD’s Abu Dhabi campus. "Designed and led by INSEAD’s world-class faculty, this challenging and enriching experience will provide students with a unique opportunity for personal and academic self-development."


Summer@INSEAD will feature an intensive academic curriculum based on business awareness and will include talks with leading managers and entrepreneurs. A series of visits to some of France’s most prestigious brands will also give participating students the opportunity to see first-hand how their businesses operate. To complement the academic modules, visits to iconic and historic landmarks in France will also be included where students will learn about European culture and heritage.


Peter B. Zemsky, Deputy Dean of INSEAD commented, "We believe that this first-ever INSEAD programme targeting outstanding high school students will contribute to inspiring and empowering young Emiratis to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the global economy as well as European Culture. We hope that many of the participating students will go on to pursue further studies in management education and follow successful business careers in the future."


The programme provides students with both theoretical and practical experience and will equip them with the basic knowledge and skills required for an increased awareness of the world of business. Taught in English, the course uses interactive, practical examples and exercises to help students learn about business in a way that is relevant to their everyday life. Students participating will also further appreciate the critical role of business in society and the ways in which it can – and should – be a force for good.


Summer@INSEAD comprises the following courses:


  • Development and Progress - What is economic development? Why pursue economic diversification? What is progress? How can business be a force for good? This course explores some of the critical challenges of today’s world and how some countries, regions and leaders have attempted to address them


  • Entrepreneurship – Students discover what elements make and drive entrepreneurs, what rules they should follow to convert an opportunity into a profitable and sustainable new business and what skills to develop. The course includes interactive talks with some successful young entrepreneurs who will share their own personal lessons and insights on what it takes to start up and grow an innovative and sustainable business


  • Strategy – Why are some organizations consistently successful while others are left behind? What can managers do to drive performance and growth in the face of fierce competition in an uncertain world? This course explores some of the critical challenges managers face while setting the path for their own organisations


  • Decision Making – How do managers make decisions under risk and uncertainty? How can we improve our decision making? This course focuses on addressing these questions drawing on the sciences of applied psychology


  • Organisational Behaviour – How do people and groups in organisations behave, react and interpret events? How do organisations shape behaviour? This course teaches how to observe, understand and lead behaviour in organisations


  • Marketing – Imagine you want to start your own business to sell a new product or service. First you must understand your market. How big is it? Is it growing? What is the competition like? This knowledge however is not enough and you must consider the following: understanding your customers; developing a long-term marketing strategy; learning how to communicate; delivering and creating customer value and continuously monitoring performance. These steps are at the heart of marketing.


  • French – This course covers elements of language and grammar with a focus on conversational proficiency and culture. A special emphasis is placed on exercises that bring students into contact with local native speakers.