Japanese Ambassador to the UAE visits Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre

By: Editor In Chief
Wed 19 August,2015

H.E. Kanji Fujiki
Both parties discussed new ways to develop bilateral relations in the field of space science, technology and research

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The Ambassador of Japan to the United Arab Emirates, H.E. Kanji Fujiki, visited the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) where he met a number of executive officials, most notably, Engineer Salem Humaid Al Marri, Assistant Director General for Scientific and Technical Affairs at MBRSC. The two parties discussed ways to enhance their bilateral relations in the field of space science, technology and research. During the visit, H.E was briefed on the Centre’s projects, namely the Emirates Mars Mission -Hope Probe, KhalifaSat, DubaiSat-2 and DubaiSat-1 among others.

H.E. Kanji Fujiki also inspected the primary facility for manufacturing satellites and laboratories at the centre, in addition to the ground station from which operations of the two satellites, DubaiSat-2 and DubaiSat-1 are run.

Eng. Al Marri stressed on maintaining strong relations between Japan and the United Arab Emirates, specifically in the space field, praising Japan’s abounding achievements and innovations in the space sector.

"We have had rewarding collaborations with Japanese authorities in the past  and companies that specialize in space science, most notably the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), following the launch of DubaiSat-2 into space. The satellite contained an electric propulsion system developed in collaboration with JAXA, and currently one of Japan’s leading companies has been tasked with the launch of KhalifaSat. Our joint ventures are proof of our confidence in Japan’s capabilities, expertise and leading role in space technology across the globe. We hope to continue expanding the horizons of our cooperation in the future, especially now that the United Arab Emirates is involved in the exploration of outer space,” he said.

H.E. Kanji Fujiki  2

MBRSC is a Dubai Government entity which aims to promote scientific innovation and technology advancement in Dubai and the UAE. The Centre works on research projects and studies related to space science, in line with the approach of the United Arab Emirates, in its quest to develop the sector and build national academic skills through it.

Among the most prominent tasks entrusted to the Centre are the design, implementation, and supervision of all phases of launching the “Hope Probe” to explore Mars. The Centre is also responsible for all projects related to satellite technology and applications and specialized projects, and advanced technical projects assigned to stakeholders. Also, the Centre provides space imaging and earth station services and support to other satellite services.

In 2009, MBRSC launched "DubaiSat-1" into space, the first remote sensing satellite. In 2013, the second satellite "DubaiSat-2" was launched, while work is underway to launch the third satellite "Khalifa Sat", which is being built purely by Emirati engineering and expertise in the UAE.