Making a difference one dollar at a time

By: Editor In Chief
Mon 23 February,2015

Tariq Qureishy President & CEO of Vantage Holdings, CEO & Founder of 100% MAD

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Tariq Qureishy is charismatic, determined and a true visionary. He is a CEO and top media professional. He has provided break-through results and done disruptive things to achieve exceptional goals.


He was the Regional Media Representative and Consultant for Bloomberg Media (2010-2014). Prior to that he was CEO and Publisher of the Times & Sunday Times newspaper responsible for the launch in the Middle East (2007-2009) and for twelve years (1987-1999), he was with Dow Jones Markets and finally as Regional Director EMEA.


He also the CEO & Founder of 100% MAD, a “not for profit” Social Enterprise, a youth movement & a new philanthropic model which combines innovative/disruptive business concepts & technology giving 100% of all funds raised to selected causes globally. This movement is democratising philanthropy. He has a degree in Economics & studied at Harvard Business School.


100% MAD (Make A Difference) is a UK registered, “not for profit’ social enterprise and brand aiming at bridging philanthropy and entrepreneurship to become one of the pioneers of philanthropreneurship – the new generation of philanthropy. The digital revolution is helping to democratise philanthropy. 


100% MAD is not just a campaign or a global donation drive – it is an innovative, breakthrough youth movement that’s scalable, sustainable, measurable, positively disruptive and fully transparent.


What is 100% MAD? Why is this important now?

Cultural and technological transformation has created an opportunity for unprecedented social impact. We are connected and mobilized in ways never before imagined. There are nearly 7 billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world today - nearly equal to the entire global population.  Seventy-four percent of internet users are on social networks. Research clearly indicates that billions of connected, mobilized millennials share a global desire to make the world a better place. 100% MAD’s moral imperative is that 100% of people deserve access to clean drinking water; 100% deserve adequate nutrition; 100% deserve education; 100% of people deserve a positive, sustainable future. So we thought we will do something about it!


What is done with the donations received?

In our platform and structure, 100% of the money received by us will go directly to the cause. No deductions for administration and operating costs. The overheads will be absorbed in the entrepreneurial social enterprise so that the donations received by 100% MAD charitable entities remain untouched. Our operating expenses are covered by merchandising, events, licensing, sponsorships and other business activities.


The brand ambition is to back projects that can be completed 100%. So people can see tangible results and relate to the human story. That’s what the  world is yearning for.


The main donors in this project, however, are not the top 1 -5 %, the usual donors who have been very generous. However, there is donation fatigue and some disillusionment in that segment. This is due to issues related to high administration costs, transparency and tangible completion to give a true “feel good “factor. Those are the very areas we are addressing.


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What is the reach you would like to attain?

The target here are these 2.5 billion young people (16-34) across the world, who currently don’t contribute that often, because they haven’t found the right channel or something they can relate and belong to. We are providing that with a “cool “platform and series of activities built around music, art, sport, fun and entertainment so there is full participation and is not based around obligation or guilt. They will also engage with causes that they can relate to and sometimes they select. The appeal will be broader than the millennials and we develop it globally.


The call to action revolves around the simplicity of affordable micro donations – “give a buck”, donate a dollar only. The channel is everyday technology devices and app driven. We will also engage at the retail level and other micro donation channels. It could be other means of contribution which they engage with every day; they could contribute with a hastag, a like, a share with your friends, a tweet or re-tweet, airmiles, loyalty points or simply volunteer time (in our time bank concept).


All these things Make A Difference. Collectively they make a huge impact… and its relevant, fun, easy and quite affordable.  


The collective goal – to raise $ 1 billion annually across all projects (micro and macro) 100% MAD is addressing. Because the 2.5 billion youth across the world, most who currently do not believe they can Make A Difference, can actually change the world. $1 at a time.


The Projects are global. 100% MAD is partnering with a number of celebrities, groundbreaking thinkers, cultural mavericks and spiritual mentors. An example of a 100% MAD cause is The Butterfly Universe Initiative, in collaboration with Professor Tony Buzan (Author, inventor, Nobel Peace Prize nominee). It is aiming at reaching 5,000,000 children each in Pakistan, Bangla Desh & Mexico to start with and then reaching out to 1 billion people by 2020.


How are you implementing Mind Mapping and new technologies into this project?

This Initiative utilizes the very techniques Mind Mapping is developing. The initiative will be using large event formats, combining entertainment and fun with learning, to ignite the movement. This will be amplified using mobile technologies, media, holograms social networks and celebrities.


The Butterfly initiative’s objective is to educate children in learning how to learn, learning how creative thinking works, memory, problem-solving and analytical thinking… things that they don’t learn at school. This empowers them, gives them hope and a better chance in life, rather than some of them ending up in terrorism, crime or poverty.


The Weightless Project, on the other hand, is a collaboration between 100% MAD and The Deepak Chopra Foundation, where the goal is to relate two diametrically opposed but mutually reinforcing causes – obesity (1 billion in rich countries) and starvation (1 billion in poor nations). The strategy of the initiative is that for every 1,000 calories burnt (or every pound lost), the individual and their social media groups or corporation donates/matches $1, (all measurable). 100% of the proceeds go towards feeding starving individuals & building sustainability. So it is personal, direct and measurable, helping both sides of the world.


“Is it mad? Yes its 100% MAD” said Tariq Qureishy, the Founder, to even think about it, however, he ended with a famous quote from Steve Jobs that “ … the ones who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world are the ones who do” !


Let the 100% MAD movement begin!


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“Tariq Qureishy is currently the President & CEO of Vantage Holdings, an organization developing various international and local projects focused in the Technology, Media & Telecoms and Services space.  He is currently also Senior International Advisor for Talenthouse Inc and also working with Bloomberg Media as Advisor on Special Projects.” 


“Real heroes don’t need a lot of money to Make A Difference, they just need a simple means to be heard. 100% MAD provides the platform for everyone to be a hero.”


“The young of the world can change the history of the future right now without governments, without elites, without white collar nonsense – they can be an army with mobiles in hand and music in their ears and love in their hearts and anger at the injustices of the world – they can create a whole new world one small drop at a time.100% committed, $1 at a time.”