Rixos moves to Dubai

By: Editor In Chief
Sat 10 January,2015

Rixos moves to Dubai

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With the announcement of Mr Bugra Berberoglu as the new CEO of Rixos HOTELS, comes an influx of change aimed at poising the brand for further global expansion.

Antalya is home to the Group’s origins, and this will remain part of its culture and heritage  going forward. Notwithstanding, accelerated growth in the market, as well as consumer demands for further international outreach of Rixos, has brought upon necessary adjustments to our core strategy. In line with the above, Rixos HOTELS aims to position itself by both leveraging and integrating its key resources into what is arguably the epicenter of tourism & travel in the Middle East – Dubai. Dubai; hosting the World Expo in 2020, is setting the bar in HOTEL and tourism industry with consistent growth in room inventory YOY, and exciting new F&B propositions and concepts. These are among the many reasons why Rixos has chosen to migrate offices to this thriving hub. Rixos prepares for unprecedented international expansion As at today, Rixos has 30 hotels under operation in 11 countries, with 22 HOTELS IN THE pipeline. Rixos aims to double its portfolio size within the next five years. Selective development is vital to ensuring sustainable growth of the Brand, and it constitutes part of Rixos’ developmental targets for 2020                                                                                                                                                     . Diversification of key markets We believe that Rixos’ “all exclusive, all inclusive” business model with an emphasis on exclusivity, is a key differentiator and unique proposition which guests love, unfettered by nationality. Current key feeder markets will be diversified by outreaching brand awareness to different markets in line with our strategic growth. Target regions for expansion include North Africa, South East Asia, Eastern & Central Europe, and the Caribbean, among others. To complement our resort destinations, Rixos seeks to provide its guests with a balance of city HOTELS IN THE markets in which we operate, and seek to operate in.