The Image Supremacy Protocols

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Sun 22 March,2015

Image Supremacy Protocols

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Is your organization primarily driven by ‘hard asset centricity’ or by ‘soft power asset management?’  Why is this so important?  As during the last few decades most organizations around the world became very hard asset centric.  What are Image Supremacy Protocols and what is soft power assets management? How does all this fit into prosperity?

Under ‘hard asset centricity’ they acquired commanding knowledge on operational streamlining and costs cutting measures; how fast their operations perform, how rapidly they can produce or how fast their elevators move and how many people were off sick last year… There is nothing wrong here. But when you ask the same why are they only making “saucers’ but not the ‘cups’ or why their image is going ‘south-west’ and why not ‘north-east’ or can they articulate on their navigation or why they are so unhappy with the landscape… there are often no clear answers rather a state of confusion while core teams in the fog. Basically, they are missing out on the sunshine and clarity.

Soft Power Asset Management is all about vision, clarity, imagination, skills, talents image positioning, harnessing intellectual property assets and global cyber presence with fast forward moving happy teams. When ‘soft power centricity’ overlays ‘hard assets centricity’ the combination of such forces dramatically improves performances and global image supremacy emerges.


First some facts: A divided world
One half of the business world leaders are always winning as they are always playing by the rules – the other half of the business world leaders always losing and not even aware that such rules exist. Open any old thick glossy trade magazine and the proof is right there.


Age of scarcity: 
Last century, whatever you produced with some spotlight it worked wonders, and simple hard work made you successful.


Age of abundance: 
This century, whatever you produce there are already thousands of others with similar or better ideas and nothing seems to work, best ideas are stuck and collecting dust


Age of image supremacy:
A new age is upon us, as without image supremacy of innovation, excellence and performance ideas are often already dead on arrival. A massive realignment is required to configure new age skills and new thought leadership 


Image Supremacy: first the philosophy

Image Supremacy philosophy and sets of protocols are the critical applicators of new global age knowledge, thinking and execution to innovative and entrepreneurial ideas; an art and science of “extreme value creation” paralleled with “extreme image generation” designed as overlaying processes of “soft power asset management” over current “hard assets centricity”. When such processes are combined in simultaneous interactions they attract the global mindshare and image supremacy is achieved.


Without these tactical moves greatest ideas only stay lost in the fog; recently, we came out of the age of curiosity, entered the age of scarcity and are now in the fog of the age of abundance, where excessive packaging of overvalued goods and services create ‘value manipulation’ only to ensure short term buzz and eventual oblivion.


The current massive decline of millions of once very successful organizations is a glaring proof of a serious disconnect. The bankruptcy of Detroit City; The sparkling city of the seventies, Detroit created the car, introduced auto manufacturing and assembly line concepts to the world and despite all the funds and bailout monies now a haunted city. Today decline of US auto industry versus German and Asian Auto sector countries is one very small example of such tectonic shifts of our times. Image Supremacy Protocols are the real solutions to such challenges.


The Octagon Formation, the battlefield

Image Supremacy Protocols are transferred in real live combative training in systematic progressive patterns. The tactical battles amongst participants occur between ‘soft power asset management’ issues like vision, imagination, talent, innovation and creative strategies; streamlined, measured in three dimensional modeling against ‘hard asset management centricity’ issues. Hard assets like designed manufacturing and other rigid processes where Six Sigma, Balance Scorecard types of programs successfully thrive but lack soft power management issues.  The combination of both layers of soft and hard asset management when combined creates new opportunities and advances the value proposition with additional command and authority in the global market place, ensuring image supremacy.


Image Supremacy Protocols designed for those individuals and organizations seeking to enter the upper stratosphere with innovative excellence in search of their own image supremacy and are not for just anybody.

Octagon Formation, delivered via certified image supremacy masters, designed as process of transfer of knowledge on image supremacy protocols of innovative excellence. Octagon Formation is exclusive for founders, owners, leaders, educators and visionaries who are faced with many major national or global business strategies and image expansion related challenges. It’s a deluxe program for deluxe minds


The battlefield settings with simultaneous interactions are new global-age learning for new global-age leadership, adjustable and scalable to fit any industry sector in any market…


A new global age movement has already started.




Now the results:

2 days = 2 years
: The real benefits of Octagon Formation Training are that two days of training in this format, equals two years of new experience.  The Octagon Formation format creates more strategies and decision-making opportunities than most applicants would encounter in two years in their projects.


Global-age Execution: Do in 365 hours what normally takes 365 days to achieve and experience new thinking to speed progress.


Global-age Thinking: Operate like mega multinationals; often with no extra expense by leveraging soft power asset management to release unlimited power


Global-age Knowledge: Identify and implement Image Supremacy Protocols. Know how 100 prescribed procedures can bring positive change and a global perspective to any enterprise across seeking rapid national or global expansion.  Soft power management when properly applied calibrates vision, ideas, imagination, talent and innovation and becomes an overlay on hard assets management becoming the sums of all powers.



On March 24th 2015, in Dubai at a big gathering of some 400 movers and shakers of the digital e-commerce and innovative excellence, Naseem Javed in a Keynote address will argue and explore the Monster Trends and how they are creating Mega Opportunities as Dubai moves closer to Expo 2020.