The Lost Souls of Organizations

By: Editor In Chief
Sun 14 June,2015

Organizations without integrity are only manipulative schemes.

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Who is next after FIFA?

It’s too obvious that major organizational structures, institutions and powerful bodies all around the world, once legend in their own times are now increasingly losing their souls. Whatever the cause, whatever the problem, it’s obvious as daily media tries hard to be gentle while globally recognized mega identities drown in their own controversies, scandals and self inflicted fiascos. Today the “soul” of an organization is the most important component of any organizational structure and leadership anywhere in the world must know how to guard them.

It seems the infestation of becoming ‘soulless’ is a new universal problem

Organizations are like people, some are attractive and pleasant, some are dull, boring and unpleasant. Some full of soul and some soulless or simply dead. The overly crowded world of business with billion plus big and small organizations, merrily engaged in doing their own things, but only a very small miniscule number can pass the acid test for having all the components to march forward on the runway of global spotlights, while the rest try to hide under the desk or roll over and play dead if fear of upcoming scandals.

What organizations need…so badly?

The Face:
Organization without a face is no organization at all. Their identity is their face, an open welcoming face with distinct feature, the identity of the organization speaks volume about its power otherwise it simply gets lost in the crowd and ignored.

The Image:
Organization without a persona has no life. Image is critical for defining the goals, personality is essential for the execution and style as it differentiates between well beautifully architecture planning from unplanned dumping of disconnected ideas.

The Body:
Organizations are living organisms and only healthy teams provide that healthy mind and body to the structure. Today’s failing organizations have visibly unhealthy leadership causing physical collapse for not being able to cope with global age skill demands and extreme stamina.

The Integrity:
Organizations without integrity are only manipulative schemes. The most rewarding component of any organizational mandate is to serve the mankind with integrity and create long term trust. Otherwise it’s on a wrong path.

The Cause:
Organization without a cause is no organization. Cause defines the reason of such assembly of talented peoples and innovative excellence otherwise it’s a hangout or just an ordinary mob. Organizational structures should serve a cause of mankind and bring proportional prosperity along the way. 

The Longevity:
Organization must have timelines. Longevity planning matures and grows the organization in a right way. Timelines and well planned execution determines respectable outcomes along the journey. Long term vision is critical to ensure smooth passage.

The End:

Organization must know their starting point and finish line. Today’s global age demands require a fully body of measured time line under a bigger philosophy; a clear starting point and a well defined and articulated end…as nothing is permanent and mandates must be clear with objectives, specific goals from start to finish.

Careful Identification of the hidden symptoms can demonstrate why most organizations have already died decades ago but still seem alive as totally dysfunctional organisms only spreading more corporate diseases. They are liabilities on the system and causing havocs and disorder.

Organizations must prove a justifiable-sustainable cause for their existence.

The Adjustments:
Organizational leadership and personal development is an inspirational trajectory and those eager to conquer and master new global-age philosophies and execution styles must study the new image supremacy protocols and innovative excellence tasks towards 2020. Organizations with soul are liked, respected and get accepted by the global mind share, such processes bring prosperity and happiness to mankind….the rest struggle and eventually die…soulless.


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Naseem Javed, a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement
is a world recognized authority on global cyber image trends, naming complexities impacting business performance and new global age shifts. He is founder of ABC Namebank, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. His new works on Image Supremacy leadership programs on innovative performance are getting global attention.

Naseem has led teams and personally created the name identities; TELUS, CELESTICA, INTRIA, GENNUM, VINCOR, DUPLIUM, AGRICORE, POLLARA, TRANZUM, INTEQNA and ZARLINK and worked with IBM, General Motors, Texaco, Honeywell, Bell Canada, KPMG, Bell South, RBH, GENTRA, CENTERPOST, OMNI-TV, Royal Bank, Sasktel, Johnson & Johnson, Air Canada, Radio Shack, Merck, BBDO, Petro Canada, ROGERS and COMPORIUM and hundreds more.      LinkedIn: